Monday, 18 February 2013

VK1OD PIK Morse Keyer

Yet another Pic based keyer at MW0IAN.
This one caught my eye due to the feature of auto-spacing between characters.
After building the keyer by following an article in "Radio Projects Vol 4" by VK3XU, which is based on the original article by VK1OD . The problem was I could not load a 12F508 Pic with the HEX file supplied on the website. After a couple of days getting no where I decided to order a couple of pre-programmed chips from the authors website.
After only 4 days the chips arrived, wow that was quick !! I quickly inserted the chip into the ready built and waiting hardware - Bingo worked first time.
The Keying is very nice but slightly different to what I am used to but easy to adapt slightly.
Very pleased.

Typically , I have since figured out the pic hex loading situation but that's another story...
The Radio projects vols 2,3 and 4 by VK3XU are available in the UK from the GQRP club, highly recommended .