Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Attic Doublet on Topband

Bit of fun really. Just wondered if my Attic Doublet would put any kind of signal out on 160m Topband.
You couldn't make a qso but WSPR reporting shows:

WSPR on Topband

Terrible on receive though. May try some experiments with topband in the future.


  1. It's always worth trying. I use my end fed antenna for 40-20-10m also on 160 m, make 1 qso with Sweden with JT65A, but for wspr it is doing fine. More than 1000 km on 160m. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul,
    when you look at mobile antennas for HF they seem to get a signal out but are very short. Surprising what does work.

    73 Ian