Wednesday, 28 November 2012

EI9GQ Radcom 2M converter. Pt 1.

Latest project is hopefully a 2 metre transverter to allow me to get on 144Mhz CW/SSB via a HF transceiver.
The project I am following is from the 'Homebrew' column in Radcom ( april 2007) by Ed, EI9GQ.
Pictured below is the local oscillator which produces 116Mhz from a 38.6666 Mhz crystal.
This is the smaller Mk2 version.

MK2 Local Oscillator 

The local oscillator is a common collector Colpitts crystal oscillator.This feeds a dual-gate Mosfet buffer amplifier (BF966).

Next stage is the pre-amp and receive down converter, this will allow RX only at this stage.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

PYE MX294 PMR's on 2M 4M

After setting up the HF-150 , I dragged out more old radios .. namely a pair of Pye PMR MX290's on 2 metres and 4 metres bands.
The 2M one (G8UJS Pic conversion)  is fed into a co-linear vertical and the 4M version into a half wave end fed as detailed in a previous blog entry. Both aerials in loft. Power about 5watt FM.
The 4M version (M0ADR CX290 conversion) needed peaking up on the receive side and luckily Rob, GW0WLQ was giving some long overs in qso. Ideal for setting  up a radio on receive :-)

Both seem to work well.