Thursday, 1 November 2012

PYE MX294 PMR's on 2M 4M

After setting up the HF-150 , I dragged out more old radios .. namely a pair of Pye PMR MX290's on 2 metres and 4 metres bands.
The 2M one (G8UJS Pic conversion)  is fed into a co-linear vertical and the 4M version into a half wave end fed as detailed in a previous blog entry. Both aerials in loft. Power about 5watt FM.
The 4M version (M0ADR CX290 conversion) needed peaking up on the receive side and luckily Rob, GW0WLQ was giving some long overs in qso. Ideal for setting  up a radio on receive :-)

Both seem to work well.



  1. Still keen, I see, Ian! Long time no hear from. (Graham, M0ADR)

  2. Hi Graham, Good to hear from you, hope you are well?

  3. Yes, thanks - still playing with microprocessors but nothing really in the radio line - although, I've been wondering if those AD9850 Direct Digital Synth modules which are all over the net at the moment could be put to use as crystal substitutes in the old M290 series, etc. Good to see you are still so 'radioactive'.