Wednesday, 31 October 2012

SWL with HF-150

Lowe HF-150 & Howes Filter

After switching on last weekend and hearing nothing but contests, I decided to set up my old Lowe HF-150.
The idea being that I can do a bit of SW broadcast listening when tinkering on the bench with other things.
So I didn't tie up the main HF aerials , an old Howes AA-2 active aerial dipole was installed in the attic space.This set up works quite well in conjunction with another Howes kit, a dual bandwidth audio filter - in case of QRM .
I had forgot how nice a strong AM station can sound on the Lowe set through a reasonable speaker or headphones.
Also have a Datong active aerial but this proved a little too strong for the HF-150 with it's wide open front end, causing overloading and spurious signals.Perhaps a few metres of wire and a 'magnetic' balun outside, may prove more suitable.

Howes AA2 Active Aerial


  1. Hi Ian

    I am an SWL at heart and still tune the BC bands on my Trio R1000 and R5000. never used the HF150 though. I have a Wellbrook loop hanging in the shack window at the moment for SWLing, which works ok.
    73 Kevin

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Enjoyed listening to SW BC long before Amateur radio. Also built crystal sets and TRF to listen to radio 1 (275/285m) and Luxembourg(208m) in the 70's. Long time ago.
    Wellbrook loop looks interesting, how does it compare to your main HF aerial?

    73 Ian

  3. Ian,

    Whilst its inside the outdoor antenna is a lot better. At my Old QTH I had the wellbrook outside, only about 6 feet off the ground and it compared closely to the wire, better in fact on the LF bands where it is quite directional.
    Hope to get it up outside here soon.