Wednesday, 23 November 2011

28Mhz - 70Mhz convertor

I had a go at building a 70Mhz converter designed by G3XBM, Roger .This is a simple design which also progresses to being a QRP transverter to allow TX and RX via a HF transceiver.
I started with the receive side to check activity though there had not been a peep so I gave up on the idea.Tonight after another go (months later)I heard Rob GW0WLQ booming in 5&9 on 70.475Mhz FM.Though activity is low, I may build the transmit side and put out a few calls..
Recent projects also include:

PIC keyer by DL4YHF (finished)
HF PIC Frequency counter by EI9GQ (85% finished)

Also need to look into an aerial for 80metres for winter use as the higher bands are dead in the evening when I get home :-(