Thursday, 19 May 2011

Roofspace doublet

Thought I would try a roofspace doublet for the higher bands.I have chosen 50ft so it should work on 30m upwards and maybe 40m but with reduced efficiency.The ends had to folded back to fit it all in.
80m is rather noisy at the moment with static for the summer so the 85ft doublet has been taken down.
I'm still hoping to try a vertical for 20m.
Worked IZ7AVY with the loft doublet on 20m with 5 watts but report was RST339.

Monday, 9 May 2011

50Mhz Band

Nice to hear a little SSB on 6 metres this evening.(18:00 UTC) Stations heard EA7AGX, DL5EO & EA7CEL to name a few.I guess this is sporadic E propagation, all I need now is an aerial for 6m :-)
I will keep an ear on 10m FM too as this is a fun band for sporadic E.