Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Out with the switch-mode and in with the linear PSU

I have had a switch-mode power supply for powering the shack here but I can't take the noise any longer.
After running the HF rig on 80m with a lead acid battery, I realise how much noise it makes.
Even with an adjustable noise shift which you have to adjust virtually on every frequency change on 80m, bloody pain after a while.
There are plus points : light weight and small size and cheapish to buy, but don't believe the hype, they certainly are noisy on the lowerbands (160-80-40) especialy with an end fed aerial on a small garden plot.May test with a dipole soon.
I will possibly keep the psu for portable use or as a door stop.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

4m FM

The 4M endfed halfwave is now built and  hanging in my loft pinned to the rafters.
I may have another go at the matching unit as I can only get the swr down to 2:1 but that's ok for now.
At the moment it is hooked up to a AOR AR8000 scanning receiver monitoring the 4m band, nothing heard as yet..
Update: some nice break-through from Radio 3 , always a risk with a wide open front end..

Picture shows matching unit , 10 turn coil tapped at 3rd turn.Coax stub provides the capacitance for the tuned circuit which resonates at 70Mhz. I have a 30pf beehive capacitor to try too.
Note also short counterpoise.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Aerial plans

I have a just purchased a couple of T200-2 toroid to have a go at making a 20m endfed halfwave vertical as explained in Steve G0KYA's book 'Stealth Antennas'.
Having a dedicated aerial for 20m should inspire me to box up and finish my BITX20 SSB project.
This will mean MW0IAN will hopefully be heard on phone!
Also looking at an endfed half wave for 4m to go with a transverter project in the future but also check out FM traffic locally.This is explained on the 70mhz website http://www.70mhz.org/halfwav.htm

Thursday, 3 February 2011

First CW contact with GW0KIG

I was privileged to have a 80m CW QSO with fellow blogger Kevin, GW0KIG this evening.
It was Kevin's first CW contact for 20 years but to be honest his morse was tip-top and you would never have known. Hardly DX though as we live on the same housing estate :-)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

First CW contact this year!

Many thanks to Jan SM5DGA/QRP for my first CW contact this year :-)
Reports RST 559 both ways on 30M band 10.1200Mhz.
Jan is a fellow QRP enthusiast but unfortunately I was using my Kenwood rig as I don't have any other means to get on 30m. (using 25w too).
Will try to have at least one contact per day to get my speed up..

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

3.757Mhz 'GOM' Group

Whenever I am at home in the week off work, I like to listen to a long running group on 80m.They will probably QSY to 40M when sunspot activity increase.
These chaps are known and self titled 'the GOM group' or grumpy old men.
I have listened to this group on and off for as long as I have had HF RX.
They use a break in technique and only give call signs every 15mins as required by regulations.
Sadly a number of Great Characters have gone Silent Key over the years from this group.
Well worth a listen and a change from the normal 80m nets.

Link for details.