Sunday, 30 January 2011

SGC230 Smartuner

I have had an SGC230 for a number of years and recently put it on the outside wall next to the shack window.
Attached to this is about 50ft of wire and there are a couple of counterpoise wires between 50-70ft.
Results have been poor but the wire is low and short for 80m band.
I think conditions have not been too good for my test either , so I will persist for a while before changing the aerial layout.

CQ Test CQ test

I thought I would get on HF early this morning to try a littler CW but to my dismay the bands are full of contesters.
Oh well there is always the WARC bands but I was hoping for inter-G and QRS.
Perhaps there is some fishing on TV instead..

My WSPR plans have been scuppered , a minimum PC of 1.5Ghz recommended and Linux is a bit hit and miss.
Will still try PSK though.

Saturday, 29 January 2011


I have Sunday off so the plan is to knock together a soundcard interface.
A couple of isolation transformers have been salvaged from old PC modems and I will use a relay to isolate the PC from the rig.(PTT)
I have read a bit about WSPR of late so I plan to give this a try to see if I am getting a signal out as my CW calls have proven fruitless this year on 80m.
Also hope to try PSK about ten years later than everybody else...

Friday, 28 January 2011

Post Xmas blues , VHF and QRP

Not posted on here as much as I intended , sorry to anybody who may have had a look.
Spent Xmas and New year suffering from the Flu so most things took a back seat.
The last couple of weeks have been quite productive though.
I have installed a VHF/UHF rig into my car to monitor traffic in the area which is quite interesting especially a local internet link providing entertainment on the way to work.It's quite special listening to VK's etc in the car on 2 metres FM.
I have also put together a 80m CW transmitter from Radcom by EI9GQ, a simple design but hope to get some contacts on it soon.It's not pretty but seems to transmit a nice, clean tone.The PA transistor is from a scrap CB radio picked up at a rally.The RX used is a Lowe HF-150.