Sunday, 12 December 2010

BITX ver 3 and PSK

As a quick experiment I had the BITX receiving PSK on 20m with 2 feet of wire as an aerial, this morning.
Also pictured is an old Ipaq running PocketDigi by OK1IAK which is capable of decoding RTTY,PSK and even CW using the Ipaq's built in mic.Cool retro !!
It has inspired me to build a interface for my BITX and an old PC running Linux to try PSK out.
Details to follow.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Recently I decided to put up an old dual band vertical (watson I think) which I have had for many years, into the roof loft space.Not sure this has been a success as reception seems quite poor.
The plan is to check the coax and connectors but perhaps it's just my location, doesn't inspire me to try an outdoor installation as yet.
I may take my old AOR scanner out in the car with a mobile aerial to check 2m 70cms.
When I first started as a SWL the 2m and 70cms bands used to be very busy with repeaters in almost constant use.I guess most amateurs are now on HF, shame.
Pictured is an ex PMR power supply with converted MX294 listening on the 2 metre band.


My BITX20 ver 3 is now running on the bench.
First impressions are good, very nice receiver with good selectivity.
Initial problems with drift have been corrected with the use of good quality capacitors in the VFO to aid stability.Some further alignment of the exciter is required and perhaps a different PA stage as the one built is quite low in output (about 2-3w).I may try 2 IRF510 in push-pull configuration instead of the single IRF510 in the original article.I'm hoping for about 10watts.
Pictures to follow.
A good aerial is needed now, may try a wire inverted L with a fishing pole.